What´s a DropBear?

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dropbearevilA Drop Bear is an Australian marsupial. Drop bears are commonly said to be unusually large, vicious, carnivorous marsupials related to koalas (although the koala is not a bear) that inhabit treetops and attack their prey by dropping onto their heads from above.

Various methods suggested to deter drop bear attacks include placing forks in the hair, having Vegemite or toothpaste spread behind the ears or in the armpits, urinating on yourself, and only speaking English in an Australian accent.


About Us

Gabriel came to Colombia in 2010 and fell in love with the people and country almost instantly. He spent 6 months travelling and living here before returning back to Australia.

After working for a year he came back to Colombia to setup a backpacker’s hostel to show travellers the best of what Colombia has to offer and give back to the country that has given him so much.

Mike is a man of the world, having lived and worked in all the most interesting corners of globe, name

Ushuaia, Argentina 31st May 2010

ly South America and Africa. He's always setting off on new adventures, usually on a motorbike, to explore and share the good times with the

people he meets.

New Zealand is where he calls home, where he spends his downtime with family and various other side projects he has going on, namely fishing. He never stays put for too long though and is always looking for the next big adventure.

Colombia is consistently voted the second happiest country in the world (after Butan which has a national policy of happiness), and for a people that don’t have much they certainly know how to enjoy their lives.

The Drop Bear Hostel was founded in 2012 by Mike (left) and Gabriel (right), keeping in the tradition of Kiwi and Aussie unity.

We both have the passion for backpacking and have travelled the world over.

So the logical step was to start our own backpackers on the Caribbean coast, and more importantly Mike needed somewhere to moor his boat.