Tayrona Park

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DropBear Hostel-Tayrona-ParkParque Tayrona is the number one tourist hot spot in Santa Marta and the second most visited park in all of Colombia. The park covers some 31km of martime park and around 150km of jungle and coast.

Most tourists head to the spectacular Cabo San Juan to see the picturesque beach and spend the night camping or sleeping in hammocks on the beach. There are countless other beaches in the park such as Cristal, Nenguaje and Chengue and you can find more information in this section on them.

There is also a small historic indigenous village in the park called El Pueblito. Once linked as a coastal trading village to the much larger Lost City further up in the Sierra Nevada.

From the Hostel you can catch the public bus on the corner which takes you directly to the park entrance for $6000 COP. From there you must pass a police check and pay the entrance fee, $37000 COP for foreigners or less if you are under 26 and have a student ID card. You must then catch another bus further into the park for $2000 COP to the start of the walking track. The Drop Bear Hostel offers a pick-up service in a private bus direct from the hostel to the walking track for $15000 COP!

Sleeping in Cabo San Juan starts at $20000 COP for hammocks and $30000 COP per person in tents. There are restaurants in the park or you can bring in your own food. There are no cooking facilites in the park however.