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DropBear Hostel-RodaderoThe birth of the tourism sector in the Rodadero happens in 1954 when the military governor Brigadier General Rafael Hernández Pardo begins construction of the road by the Cerro Ziruma. This ruling states that it was a progressive leader who bet on tourism and personally supervised the works he was engineer constataba Army and quality of materials. In honor of his fourth race (the firefighters that leads to Ziruma) is called Avenida Pardo Hernandez. Moreover, the then President General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla gave its support to begin construction in the Bay Tamaca (former name of the Rodadero in honor of the chief of the same name) of hotel Tamacá ambitious project, the Indian word which means Casa Grande on the beach.

This project was built on the old place of worship of the Indians Gairas. All these efforts aimed at reviving the city's beaches for the benefit of locals and visitors. Currently the Betoma Hotel still operates and maintains open their spawn to the many guests who enjoy the perfection of its design with the incredible beauty of nature.