Bahía Concha

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DropBear Hostel-Bahia-ConchaBahia Concha is a beautiful beach only 20 minutes from the Hostel. It borders Tayrona Park and is a true example of the costal beauty of Santa Marta.

Take a cooler from the hostel with our own beers and lunch and pass the day in the crystal clear waters and white sands. Take in some snorkeling or explore the natural pools.

Shade tents can be rented as well on the beach. There is an onsite restaurant and the fisherman bring freshly caught fish to you to select for your lunch.  

Bahia Concha is only 20 miuntes from the hostel in moto taxi and $10.000 COP or if you split a cab between 4 it's only $25.000 COP return trip. There is an entry fee of $5000 COP per person.

If you're lucky the owner of the hostel will personally take you there on his motorbike for a day's fishing!